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Hymns Starting with the Letter T

’Tis Almost Time For The Lord To Come

’Tis Finished! The Messiah Dies

’Tis Midnight, And On Olive’S Brow

’Tis Not That I Did Choose Thee

’Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

’Tis The Blessed Hour Of Prayer

’Tis Winter Now, The Fallen Snow

’Twas A Glad Day When Jesus Found Me

’Twas On That Night When Doomed To Know

’Twas The Commission Of Our Lord

’Twixt Gleams Of Joy And Clouds Of Doubt

Take My Life And Let It Be

Take The World For Jesus

Take The World, But Give Me Jesus

Take Thou Our Minds, Dear Lord

Take Time To Be Holy

Take Up Thy Cross

Talk With Us, Lord

Tarry With Me

Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord

Teach Me, My God And King

Teach Me, O Lord

Teach Me, O Lord, Thy Holy Way

Tell It Again

Tell It Out (1)

Tell It Out (2)

Tell It Out With Gladness

Tell It To Jesus

Tell Me The Old, Old Story

Tell Me The Stories Of Jesus

Tell Me The Story Of Jesus

Tell Out The Wonderful Story

Tell The Blessed Story

Tell The Blessed Tidings

Tell The Whole Wide World

Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand

Thanks To God

That Awful Day Will Surely Come

That Day Of Wrath

That Eastertide With Joy Was Bright

That Glorious Day Is Coming

That Man A Godly Life Might Live

That Man Is Blest Who, Fearing God

The Ancient Law Departs

The Banner Of The Cross

The Beautiful Garden Of Prayer

The Bells Of Easter

The Best Friend To Have Is Jesus

The Bible

The Bible Stands

The Birthday Of A King

The Blessed Feast

The Bloodwashed Pilgrim

The Bright Forever

The Broken Heart

The Child And The Shepherd

The Christian’S “Good Night”

The Church Has Waited Long

The Church Of God Is One

The Church’S One Foundation

The Day Of Resurrection

The Day Of The Lord Is At Hand

The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended

The Earth, With All That Dwell Therein

The Ends Of All The Earth Shall Hear

The Fast, As Taught By Holy Lore

The First Noel

The Fish In Wave, The Bird On Wing

The Friend Of Sinners Dies

The Friendly Beasts

The Glorious Gates Of Righteousness

The Glory Of These Forty Days

The God Of Abraham Praise

The God Who Sits Enthroned On High

The Grave Itself A Garden Is

The Great Archangel’S Trump

The Great God Of Heaven

The Great Physician

The Greatness Of His Mercy

The Guiding Hand

The Hallowed Spot

The Hand That Was Nailed To The Cross

The Happy Morn Is Come

The Haven Of Rest

The Head That Once Was Crowned

The Home Over There

The Homeland! O The Homeland!

The Hope Of The Ages

The Hope Of The Coming Of The Lord

The Hour-Glass

The Hymn For Conquering Martyrs Raise

The King Is Coming In Glory

The King Is Coming!

The King Of Love My Shepherd Is

The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns

The King’S Highway

The Kingdom Is Coming

The Kings Of The East Are Riding

The Lamb’S High Banquet Called To Share

The Lands That Long In Darkness Lay

The Law Commands And Makes Us Know

The Law Of God Is Good And Wise

The Light Of Bethlehem

The Light Of The World Is Jesus

The Lights Of Home

The Lion Of Judah

The Lord Almighty Reigns

The Lord Ascendeth Up On High

The Lord Be With Us

The Lord Descended From Above

The Lord Has Heard And Answered Prayer

The Lord In Zion Reigneth

The Lord Is Coming

The Lord Is King!

The Lord Is My Shepherd

The Lord Is Rich And Merciful

The Lord Is Risen Indeed!

The Lord Jehovah Reigns

The Lord My Pasture Shall Prepare

The Lord Of Might From Sinai’S Brow

The Lord Of The Harvest

The Lord Our God Is Clothed With Might

The Lord Proclaims His Grace Abroad

The Lord Will Come And Not Be Slow

The Lord Will Come! The Earth Shall Quake

The Lord Will Happiness Divine

The Lord’S My Shepherd

The Lord’S Prayer

The Lost Chord

The Love Of God

The Maker Of The Sun And Moon

The Master Hath Come

The Mercy Of God Is An Ocean Divine

The Message Of His Coming

The Mighty God, The Lord

The Morning Draweth Nigh

The Morning Land

The Morning Light Is Breaking

The Morning Purples All The Sky

The Name Of Jesus

The Newborn King Who Comes Today

The Ninety And Nine

The Old Account Was Settled

The Old Rugged Cross

The Old Ship Of Zion

The Old Time Way

The Old-Fashioned Way

The Only Son From Heaven

The Pearly White City

The People That In Darkness Walked

The Pilgrim’S Journey

The Praises Of That Saint We Sing

The Praises Of Thy Wonders

The Race That Long In Darkness Pined

The Radiant Morn Hath Passed Away

The Regions Beyond

The River Of Thy Grace

The Roseate Hues Of Early Dawn

The Royal Banners Forward Go

The Saints Of God! Their Conflict Past

The Saints Should Never Be Dismayed

The Sands Of Time Are Sinking

The Savior Who Loves Me

The Shadows Of The Evening Hours

The Sheltering Rock

The Shepherd Of Love

The Sign Of The Cross

The Son Of David Bowed To Die

The Son Of God Goes Forth To War

The Story That Never Grows Old

The Strife Is O’Er, The Battle Won

The Sword Of The Lord

The Ten Virgins

The Touch Of His Hand On Mine

The Unclouded Day

The Unveiled Christ

The Voice That Breathed O’Er Eden

The Way Of The Cross Leads Home

The Woman’S Hymn

The Work Must Go On

The World Is Very Evil

The World Within

The Year Is Gone, Beyond Recall

The Year Is Swiftly Waning

Thee We Adore, Eternal Lord

Thee Will I Love, My Strength, My Tower

There Are Lonely Hearts To Cherish

There Came A Little Child To Earth

There Is A Balm In Gilead

There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood

There Is A Green Hill Far Away

There Is A Happy Land

There Is A Land Of Pure Delight

There Is Power In The Blood

There Seems A Voice In Every Gale

There Shall Be Showers Of Blessing

There Were Twelve Disciples

There Will I Follow Thee

There’Ll Be No Dark Valley

There’S A Fountain Free

There’S A Great Day Coming

There’S A Hill Lone And Grey

There’S A Light In The Valley

There’S A Light Upon The Mountains

There’S A Picture Fair And Bright

There’S A Song In The Air

There’S A Sweet And Blessed Story

There’S A Wideness In God’S Mercy

There’S No Disappointment In Heaven

There’S No Friend Like Jesus

There’S Only One Way

There’S Peace And Rest In Paradise

They All Were Looking For A King

They Tell Me The Story Of Jesus Is Old

They Were In An Upper Chamber

They’Ll Soon Be O’Er

Thine Arm, O Lord, In Days Of Old

Thine Forever! God Of Love

Thine Is The Glory

This Day The First Of Days Was Made

This Endris Night

This Is My Father’S World

This Is The Day Of Light

This Is The Day The Lord Hath Made

This Is The Field

This Is The Victory

This Is Thy Will, I Know

This Joyful Easter-Tide

This My Plea

This Night A Wondrous Revelation

This Night, O Lord, We Bless Thee

Those Eternal Bowers

Thou Art Coming, O My Savior

Thou Art Gone Up On High

Thou Art The Mighty King Of Kings

Thou Art The Way

Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne

Thou Gracious Power

Thou Hallowed Chosen Morn Of Praise

Thou Hidden Love Of God

Thou Hidden Source Of Calm Repose

Thou Judge Of Quick And Dead

Thou Lord Of Hosts

Thou Lovely Source Of True Delight

Thou Remainest

Thou Spakest, Lord, And Into One

Thou, Who At Thy First Eucharist Didst Pray

Thou, Whose Almighty Word

Thou, Whose Unmeasured Temple Stands

Though Kindred Ties Around Us

Though Now The Nations Sit Beneath

Though The Fig Tree Shall Not Blossom

Though Troubles Assail Us

Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet

Throned Upon The Awful Tree

Through All The Changing Scenes Of Life

Through All The Years, May Israel Say

Through Good Report And Evil, Lord

Through Midnight Gloom From Macedon

Through The Day Thy Love Has Spared Us

Through The Night Of Doubt And Sorrow

Throw Out The Life Line

Thus Far The Lord Hath Led Me On

Thy Brother Calls To Thee

Thy God Reigneth!

Thy Holy Spirit, Lord, Alone

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come, O God

Thy Kingdom Come, O Lord

Thy Kingdom Come, On Bended Knee

Thy Little Ones, Dear Lord, Are We

Thy Lovingkindness, Lord, Is Good And Free

Thy Mercy And Thy Truth, O Lord

Thy Might Sets Fast The Mountains

Thy Servant, Blessed By Thee

Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord

Thy Will Be Done

Thy Wondrous Testimonies, Lord

Thy Word Have I Hid In My Heart

Thy Word Is Like A Garden, Lord

Thy Word Sheds Light Upon My Path

Thy Word, O God, Declareth

Thy Word, O Lord

Till He Come

To Canaan’S Land I’M On My Way

To God Be The Glory

To God My Earnest Voice I Raise

To God The Great, The Ever Blest

To God The Only Wise

To Realms Of Glory

To Shepherds As They Watched By Night

To The Name Of Our Salvation

To The Name That Is Salvation

To The Work

To Thee And To Thy Christ, O God

To Thee Before The Close Of Day

To Thee, Eternal Soul, Be Praise!

To Thee, My Heart, Eternal King

To Thee, O Comforter Divine

To Thee, O God, In Heaven

To Thee, O God, We Render Thanks

To Thee, O Lord, I Lift Mine Eyes

To Thee, O Lord, Our Hearts We Raise

To Thy Temple Holy

To Thy Temple I Repair

To Us A Child Of Hope Is Born

To Us A Child Of Royal Birth

Today The Savior Calls

Today Thy Mercy Calls Me

Today, O Lord, A Holier Work

Tomorrow, Lord, Is Thine

Too Late

Triumphant Zion! Lift Thy Head

Truehearted, Wholehearted, Faithful And

Trust And Obey

Trust In The Promise

Trust The Eternal

Trusting Jesus (1)

Trusting Jesus (2)

Trusting Jesus, Wonderful Guide

Turn Back, O Man

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

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