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Hymns Starting with the Letter O

O ’Twas A Joyful Sound To Hear

O Be Saved

O Bless The Lord, My Soul

O Blessed Bible

O Blessed Word

O Blest Creator Of The Light

O Boundless Wisdom, God Most High

O Breath Of Life

O Bride Of Christ, Rejoice

O Brightness Of Th’Immortal Father’S Face

O Brother Man

O Brothers, Lift Your Voices

O Changeless Word

O Child Of God

O Christ, Forget Not Them Who Stand

O Christ, Our King, Creator, Lord

O Christ, Our True And Only Light

O Christ, Redeemer Of Our Race

O Christ, The Heavens’ Eternal King

O Christ, Who Art The Light And Day

O Christians, Leagued Together

O Christmas Night!

O Church Of God, Arise!

O Come And Dwell In Me

O Come And Mourn With Me

O Come And Sing To God, The Lord

O Come, All Ye Faithful

O Come, Loud Anthems Let Us Sing

O Come, My People, To My Law

O Come, My Soul, Bless Thou The Lord Thy

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

O Come, Redeemer Of Mankind

O Could I Speak The Matchless Worth

O Darkest Woe

O Day Of God, Draw Nigh

O Day Of Rest And Gladness

O Eden, Dear Eden

O Father, All Creating

O Father, Who Didst All Things Make

O Father, You Are Sovereign

O Fly To Him

O Food To Men Wayfaring

O Food To Pilgrims Given

O For A Closer Walk With God

O For A Heart To Praise My God

O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing

O Gladsome Light

O Glorious Hope Of Perfect Love

O God Of Bethel, By Whose Hand

O God Of Earth And Altar

O God Of God

O God Of Love

O God Of Mercy! Hearken Now

O God Of Truth

O God Of Truth, O Lord Of Might

O God, Above The Drifting Years

O God, Beneath Thy Guiding Hand

O God, Great Father, Lord And King!

O God, How Good Thou Art

O God, I Thank Thee For Each Sight

O God, Mine Inmost Soul Convert

O God, Most Holy Are Thy Ways

O God, No Longer Hold Thy Peace

O God, Of All The Strength And Power

O God, Of Good The Unfathomed Sea

O God, Regard My Humble Plea

O God, The Help Of All Thy Saints

O God, The Rock Of Ages

O God, Thou Art The Father

O God, Thy Power Is Wonderful

O God, Thy World Is Sweet With Prayer

O God, To Us Show Mercy

O God, Unseen Yet Ever Near

O God, We Have Heard

O God, We Praise Thee, And Confess

O God, We Pray For All Mankind

O God, Who Didst Thy Will Unfold

O Gracious God, Forsake Me Not

O Grant Us Light

O Happy Band Of Pilgrims

O Happy Day, That Fixed My Choice

O Happy Day, When First Was Poured

O Happy Home

O Heavenly Word

O Holy City, Seen Of John

O Holy Night

O Holy Savior, Friend Unseen

O Holy, Holy, Holy Lord (1)

O Holy, Holy, Holy Lord (2)

O Hope Of Every Contrite Heart

O How Happy Are They

O How I Love Jesus

O How I Love Thy Holy Word

O How Shall I Keep My Christmas?

O Jehovah, Hear My Words

O Jesu, Crucified For Man

O Jesus Christ, Our Lord Most Dear

O Jesus Christ, Thy Manger Is

O Jesus, Crowned With All Renown

O Jesus, I Have Promised

O Jesus, Jesus

O Jesus, King Most Wonderful

O Jesus, Lord And Savior

O Jesus, Lord Of Heavenly Grace

O Jesus, Master, When Today

O Jesus, My Hope

O Jesus, Thou Art Standing

O Jesus, We Adore Thee

O Jesus, When I Think Of Thee

O Joyous Easter Morning

O Lamb Of God Most Holy

O Let Him Whose Sorrow

O Let My Supplicating Cry

O Life That Makest All Things New

O Light Of Life

O Light That Knew No Dawn

O Light, From Age To Age The Same

O Light, Whose Beams Illumine All

O Little Town Of Bethlehem

O Living Bread From Heaven

O Lord And Master Of Us All

O Lord Jesus, Lamb Of God

O Lord Most High

O Lord Of Heav’N And Earth And Sea

O Lord Of Hosts, Almighty King

O Lord Of Hosts, Whose Glory Fills

O Lord Of Life

O Lord Of Life, Thy Quickening Voice

O Lord Our God, Arise!

O Lord! How Happy Should We Be

O Lord, ’Tis Matter Of High Praise

O Lord, All Glorious, Life Of Life

O Lord, And Is Thy Table Spread?

O Lord, Be Thou My Helper True

O Lord, Be Us When We Sail

O Lord, How Are My Foes Increased

O Lord, How Many They

O Lord, How Shall I Meet You?

O Lord, I Will Delight In Thee

O Lord, Make Haste To Hear My Cry

O Lord, My God, Most Earnestly

O Lord, My Inmost Heart And Thought

O Lord, Our God, In Adoration

O Lord, Our Lord

O Lord, The Holy Innocents

O Lord, Thou Art My God And King

O Lord, Thou Judge

O Lord, Thy Perfect Righteousness

O Lord, To Thee I Cry

O Lord, We Praise Thee

O Lord, While We Confess The Worth

O Love Divine, How Sweet Thou Art

O Love Divine, That Stooped To Share

O Love Divine, What Hast Thou Done

O Love Of God Most Full

O Love Of God, How Strong And True

O Love That Casts Out Fear

O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go

O Love! O Life!

O Love, How Deep

O Magnify The Lord With Me

O Master Of The Waking World

O Master Workman Of The Race

O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee

O Master, When Thou Callest

O Morning Star, How Fair And Bright

O Mother Dear, Jerusalem

O My Soul, Bless God The Father

O North With All Thy Vales Of Green

O One With God The Father

O Paradise!

O Perfect God, Thy Love

O Perfect Life Of Love

O Perfect Love

O Praise Ye The Lord

O Quickly Come, Dread Judge Of All

O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

O Saving Victim, Open Wide

O Savior, Lord, To Thee We Pray

O Savior, Precious Savior

O Savior, Whom This Holy Morn

O Scorned And Outcast Lord

O Sing A New Song To The Lord

O Sing A Song Of Bethlehem

O Sometimes The Shadows Are Deep

O Son Of God, Our Captain Of Salvation

O Son Of God, We Wait For Thee

O Son Of Man

O Son Of Man, Thou Madest Known

O Sons And Daughters, Let Us Sing!

O Spirit Of Life

O Spirit Of The Living God (1)

O Spirit Of The Living God (2)

O Splendor Of God’S Glory Bright

O Still In Accents Sweet And Strong

O Strength And Stay

O Take My Hand, Dear Father

O That I Had A Thousand Voices

O That The Lord Would Guide My Ways

O That The Lord’S Salvation

O That Will Be Glory

O The Crown

O The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus

O Thou From Whom All Goodness Flows

O Thou God Of My Salvation

O Thou Great Friend

O Thou In Whose Presence

O Thou My Soul, Bless God The Lord

O Thou My Soul, Forget No More

O Thou Through Suffering Perfect Made

O Thou To Whom, In Ancient Time

O Thou To Whose All Searching Sight

O Thou Who At Thy Creature’S Bar

O Thou Who By A Star Didst Guide

O Thou Who Camest From Above

O Thou Who Hearest Every Heartfelt Prayer

O Thou Who Makest Souls To Shine

O Thou Who Through This Holy Week

O Thou Whose Feet Have Climbed Life’S Hill

O Thou Whose Gracious Presence Blest

O Thou, Before Whose Presence

O Thou, In All Thy Might So Far

O Thou, The Eternal Son Of God

O Thou, Who Gav’St Thy Servant Grace

O Thou, Whom All Thy Saints Adore

O To Be Like Thee!

O Trinity Of Blessed Light

O Turn Ye, For Why Will Ye Die

O Very God Of Very God

O Voice Of The Beloved

O What Shall I Do, My Savior To Praise

O What Their Joy And Their Glory Must Be

O Where Are Kings And Empires Now

O Where Are The Reapers?

O Wherefore Do The Nations Rage?

O Wherefore Hast Thou Cast Us Off

O Who Like Thee So Calm, So Bright

O Why Not Tonight?

O Why So Far Removed

O Wonder Amazing

O Wondrous Sight!

O Word Of God

O Word Of God Incarnate

O Worship The King

O Worship The Lord In The Beauty Of Holiness

O Young And Fearless Prophet

O Zion Open Wide Thy Gates

O Zion, Haste

O! Say, But I’M Glad

O’Er Continent And Ocean

O’Er The Distant Mountains Breaking

O’Er Those Gloomy Hills Of Darkness

O, For A Faith That Will Not Shrink

Of All The Thoughts Of God

Of Mercy And Of Justice

Of The Father’S Love Begotten

Oft In Sorrow, Oft In Woe

Oh Realm Of Light

Oh To Be Over Yonder

Oh, Come, Little Children

Oh, How Sweet When We Mingle

Oh, It Is Hard To Work For God

Oh, To Be Nearer

Oh, What Are You Going To Do?

Oh, Wonderful Word!

Old Book And The Old Faith, The

Old Time Power

Old-Time Religion

On A Christmas Morning

On Christmas Night All Christians Sing

On Jordan’S Bank The Baptist’S Cry

On Jordan’S Stormy Banks I Stand

On Judah’S Plains As Shepherds Sat

On Let Us Go

On Man, In His Own Image Made

On Our Way Rejoicing

On The Good And Faithful

On The Mountain’S Top Appearing

On The Resurrection Morning

On This Night, Most Holy

On Wings Of Living Light

Once In Royal David’S City

Once More The Solemn Season Calls

Once More We Come Before Our God

Once More, O Lord, Thy Sign

Once My Way Was Dark And Dreary

Once O’Er Judea’S Hills By Night

Once To Every Man And Nation

Once, Only Once

One Day

One Day I Traveled A Toilsome Road

One Holy Church Of God Appears

One Is Kind Above All Others

One More Day’S Work For Jesus

One Sweetly Solemn Thought

One There Is, Above All Others

Only A Beam Of Sunshine

Only A Sinner

Only A Step

Only Believe

Only In Thee

Only Once You Pass This Way

Only Thy Garment’S Hem

Onward, Christian Soldiers

Onward, Christian, Though The Region

Onward, Onward, Men Of Heaven

Onward, Ye Pilgrims

Open My Eyes, That I May See

Open Now Thy Gates Of Beauty

Opening Hymn

Our Best

Our Blest Redeemer, Ere He Breathed

Our Children, Lord, In Faith And Prayer

Our Day Of Joy Is Here Again

Our Day Of Praise Is Done

Our Earth We Now Lament To See

Our Father’S Love

Our Festive Song

Our God Reigns

Our God, Our Help In Ages Past

Our Guilt Do We Confess Today

Our Land For Christ

Our Lord Is Risen From The Dead

Our Lord’S Return To Earth Again

Our Savior Will Descend Again

Our Savior’S Voice Is Soft And Sweet

Out Of Bondage

Out Of My Bondage, Sorrow, And Night

Out On The Desert

Over There

Over Yonder

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