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Hymns Starting with the Letter M

’Mid All The Traffic Of The Ways

Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned

Make Christ King

Make Haste, O My God, To Deliver

Make Him Known

Make Me A Captive, Lord

Make Me A Channel Of Blessing

Maker, In Whom We Live

Man Who Once Has Found Abode

Many And Great, O God

March On, O Soul, With Strength

Marching To Zion

Marching With The Heroes

Master Comes! He Calls For Thee, The

Master’S Call, The

Master, No Offering Costly And Sweet

Master, Speak! Thy Servant Heareth

Master, The Tempest Is Raging

May God Bestow On Us His Grace

May The Grace Of Christ Our Savior

May The Mind Of Christ, My Savior

Meet Me There

Memories Of Galilee

Mighty God, While Angels Bless Thee

Mighty Lord, Extend Thy Kingdom

Mistful Are Our Waiting Eyes

Moment By Moment

More About Jesus

More Holiness Give Me

More Like Jesus Would I Be

More Like The Master

More Love To Thee, O Christ

More Than Conquerors

Morn Of Joy

Morn Of Morns, And Day Of Days


Morning Breaks Upon The Tomb

Morning Kindles All The Sky, The

Morning Prayer

Morning Red

Mortals Awake, With Angels Join

Most Perfect Is The Law Of God

Move Forward

Music On Christmas Morning

Must I Go, And Empty Handed?

Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone?

My Anchor Holds

My Blessed Savior, Is Thy Love

My Days Are Gliding Swiftly By

My Dear Redeemer And My Lord

My Faith Has Found A Resting Place

My Faith Looks Up To Thee

My Faith, It Is An Oaken Staff

My Father Knows

My Father, For Another Night

My Father, Hear My Prayer

My God! Permit My Tongue

My God, Accept My Heart This Day

My God, And Is Thy Table Spread

My God, How Wonderful You Are

My God, I Know, I Feel Thee Mine

My God, I Love Thee

My God, I Thank Thee

My God, My Father, While I Stray

My God, My Heavenly King

My God, My King, Thy Various Praise

My God, The Spring Of All My Joys

My Heart Is Resting, O My God

My Hope Is Built

My Jesus, As Thou Wilt

My Jesus, I Love Thee

My Latest Sun Is Sinking Fast

My Life, Dear Lord, I Give To Thee

My Lord, How Full Of Sweet Content

My Lord, I Did Not Choose You

My Lord, My Master, At Thy Feet Adoring

My Lord, My Truth, My Way

My Lord, What A Morning!

My Maker And My King

My Mother’S Bible

My Mother’S Prayer

My Only Plea

My People, Give Ear

My Prayer

My Precious Bible

My Redeemer

My Righteous God, Who Oft Of Old

My Savior First Of All

My Savior, On The Word Of Truth

My Sheep Know My Voice

My Shepherd Will Supply My Need

My Son, Know Thou The Lord

My Song Forever Shall Record

My Song Is Love Unknown

My Song Shall Be Of Jesus

My Soul Be On Thy Guard

My Soul With Expectation

My Soul, Repeat His Praise

My Spirit Longs For Thee

My Times Are In Thy Hand

My Trust Is In The Lord

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