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We have searched through 9 dictionaries, and here are your results. Since we have divided the results onto different pages, choose the first two letters of the word you're looking for.
 Wa-   We-   Wh-   Wi-   Wo-   Wr- 
Wafer [I,N]
Wafers [E]
Wag [V]
Wages [E,I,N,V,B]
Wagon [E,N,B]
Wagon, Waggon [I]
Wail, Wailing [I,V]
Wailing [N]
Wailing-Place, Jews' [E]
Wait [I,V]
Waiting [N]
Waiting upon God [T]
Wake [V]
Walk [I,V]
Walking [N]
Wall [E,I,V]
Wallet [I,V]
Wallow [K]
Wallow (Verb and Noun) [V]
Walls [N,T,B]
Wander [V]
Wandering [E]
Wandering in the Wilderness [B]
Wandering Stars [I]
Wanderings of Israel [I]
Want (Noun and Verb) [V]
Wanton [K]
Wantonness [K]
Wantonness, Wanton, Wantonly [V]
War [E,N,T,B]
War (Verb and Noun) [V]
War, Man Of [I]
War; Warfare [I]
Ward [E,I,K,V]
Ware Of [V]
Wares [I]
Warfare [I,N,V]
Warfare of Saints [T]
Warm (Verb) [V]
Warn [V]
Warning [N]
Warp [I]
Wars of the Lord, the Book of The [E]
Wars of Yahweh (The Lord) Book of The [I]
Was, Wast, Were, Wert [V]
Wash [V]
Wash; Washing [I]
Washing [E,N,V]
Washing of Feet [I]
Washing the Hands and Feet [B]
Washpot [I]
Wasp [I]
Waste (Noun and Verb) [V]
Watch [I,N]
Watch (Noun and Verb), Watchers, Watchful, Watchings [V]
Watch-Tour [I]
Watcher [I]
Watches [E]
Watches of Night [B]
Watchful [S]
Watchfulness [N,T]
Watchings [E]
Watchman [I,N]
Watchmen [T]
Water [I,N,T]
Water (Noun and Verb) Watering, Waterless [V]
Water of Bitterness (Or of Jealousy) [I]
Water of Jealousy [E,B]
Water of Purification [E]
Water of Separation [E,B]
Water of Separation (Or of Uncleanness) [I]
Watercourse [I]
Waterfall [I]
Waterpot [I,V]
Waters [I]
Waters of Merom [I]
Waters of Strife [I]
Waterspout [I,K]
Waterspouts [E]
Wave [V]
Wave Offering [I,B]
Wave Offerings [E]
Wave-Offering [T]
Waver, Wavering [V]
Waw [I]
Wax [E,I,K,N,V]
Way [I,N,V]
Way, Covered [I]
Way, Little [I]
Wayfaring Man [I,K]
Waymark [I]

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