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We have searched through 9 dictionaries, and here are your results. Since we have divided the results onto different pages, choose the first two letters of the word you're looking for.
 Va-   Ve-   Vi-   Vo-   Vu- 
Vagabond [E,I,V]
Vaheb [I]
Vail [I,N,V]
Vail or Veil [T]
Vail, the Sacred [T]
Vain [I,K]
Vain, in Vain, Vainly [V]
Vainglory [I]
Vainglory, Vainglorious [V]
Vaizatha; Vajezatha [I]
Vajezatha [E,H,N,B]
Vale [K]
Vale, Valley [I,B]
Valiant [V]
Valiant, Valiantly [I]
Valley [E,I,V]
Valley Gate [I]
Valley of Decision [I]
Valley of Giants [I]
Valley of Keziz [I]
Valley of Slaughter [I]
Valley of Vision [I]
Valley, Jordan [I]
Valleys [T]
Valor [N]
Value [V]
Vampire [I]
Vaniah [H,I,N,B]
Vanish, Vanishing [V]
Vanity [N,T,V]
Vanity, Vanities [I]
Vapor [I,V]
Variableness, Variation [V]
Variance [K,V]
Vashni [H,I,N,B]
Vashti [E,H,I,N,B]
Vat [I]
Vaticanus, Codex [E]
Vault [I]
Vault of Earth [I]
Vaunt (Oneself) [V]
Vauntings [V]
Vav [I]

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