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We have searched through 9 dictionaries, and here are your results. Since we have divided the results onto different pages, choose the first two letters of the word you're looking for.
 Ka-   Ke-   Kh-   Ki-   Kn-   Ko-   Ku- 
Kab [I]
Kabzeel [E,H,I,N,B]
Kadesh [E,H,I,N]
Kadesh in Galilee [I]
Kadesh on the Orontes [I]
Kadesh, Kadeshbarnea [B]
Kadesh-Barnea [H,I]
Kadmiel [E,H,I,N,B]
Kadmonite [I]
Kadmonites [E,H,B]
Kai [V]
Kain (1) [I]
Kain (2) [I]
Kallai [H,I,N,B]
Kamon [I]
Kanah [E,H,I,N,B]
Kaph [I]
Kareah [E,H,I,N,B]
Kariathiarius [I]
Karka [I]
Karkaa [E,H,N]
Karkaa, or Karkaa [B]
Karkor [E,H,I,N,B]
Karnaim [H]
Kartah [E,H,I,N,B]
Kartan [E,I,N,B]
Kattath [E,I,N,B]

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